Headphones or Studio Monitors?

When you have the chance to purchase studio grade monitors or studio grade headphones, which is preferred?

What are the pros and cons?

Are there certain EDM producers who exclusively use headphones or monitors?

Monitors for sure. The artificial separation and lack of depth in headphones can be misleading. Some folks monitor with headphones but it’s not the norm.

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What would you recommend for monitors?

Price not being any object of concern

I’ve heard an opinion that if you’re doing something very textured and sophisticated in timbres (for example, noise music), you will never have the level of detail headphones give you with monitors of the same class. Can someone actually experienced in all this stuff confirm?

Genelec or JBL maybe… I’ve had the same monitors for 15+ years though so maybe someone else can suggest some.


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Thank God! free shipping :joy:

I’m guessing no one here has had pleasure of trying out this speaker, but I’m leaning more towards home studios.

Got any monitor choices for that?

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I have a pair of APS Klasik at home, really really love them and they are affordable. If you have the budget for it the APS Aeon 2’s are really great as well (or the trinity’s if your room is big enough)

Thanks :+1: looks like a great place to start

Do you also mix with a sub woofer or is that taboo?

I am not a producer but have these Neumann KH120 and they sound amazing:

I use them with a Roland Quad interface:

But admittedly i haven’t really tried any others except some these Genelecs 8040B that i use for my turntables:

These Genelecs ones go to them lower Frequencies that you need.

If i had the money then i would of gone for the Genelecs 8050

Cuz they reach even lower freq than the 8040s and you would deff be covered with the frequency range. They must be massive tho :lol_

Again if i had the money i would of gone for these Neumanns KH310 that are slightly lower then the Genelec 8050:


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