Help - Is this vocal even in tune?

Hi all,
Been reading this forum a lot lately, would have been rude not to make an account really :slight_smile:
I’ve got to be tone deaf, I’ve messed around with this vocal snip at different pitches for a while and found the pitch that seemed closest but even now in some parts of this clip it sounds off - lend an ear?


Tune’s pretty melodically ambiguous tbh.
But I think it sounds okay. If it really bugs you though, cut the “can” from the “I” and pitch them separately, you’ll get more precision that way.
Your drums are atmospheric, cool touches there.

Thanks man good tip about splitting the vocal further, I hadn’t thought of
that -.-
Hope it helps otherwise I might dash the vocal altogether.
Re: drums, cheers :slight_smile: Lexicon vintage plate for the reverb on the second