Help me chose new headphones for Dubstep

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, and in making music too, I am currently using regular Earpods and decided that I need to fix this. I write dub step namely Phonk (yes yes music for cars) I want to find good and not expensive headphones. They are advised many models, but only the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x suits me. Can someone tell for these headphones? Is it worth taking them or is it better to collect more money?

I use Sony mdr7506. Don’t really have any complaints. I got them on sale for $60 iirc



can’t tell if this is spam or not

anyway, i use HD25s to check my subs and stuff, but would not recommend them for main listening, my mixes translate so much better since i got monitors again.

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Hi Zareem… I can’t comment on the M40x but I have the M50x and they are brilliant…there is no use trying to save money when it comes to headphones… If it’s gonna be your main source of listening then I suggest you go for broke !

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I got the m40x and whilst they are good headphones they do have a lack of power in the low end. For dubstep it’s quite obvious and even with house and techno it feels like it’s missing something (but not as bad)

I’m a cheap bastard tho and I put up with it.

I can only comment on mine, Beyer DT770 pro, which are great, get the open back ones for longer sessions tho

They have posted in a couple other threads. Seems legit.

Are you running them through a soundcard ?

The M50x are imo better than my DT770s they just seem flatter…

I’m not sure of the price difference between the 40s / 50s so that could come into it !

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I use them for DJing and I have a poor man’s mixer so that’s probably the issue. I know they’re not great DJ headphones but they still sound nice for a lot of music outside of very bass heavy stuff