Help with growl bass (Advanced)

So I have a basic understanding of how to make certain bass sounds
Heres some of the sounds I threw together in less than an hour or so, I can make like the high growls and really generic stuff really easily

I want to learn how to make the deeper growls
if you listen to the growl under the other synths at the drop you’ll hear what I’m talking about

another example is the main bass in this one

I hope someone can help me out, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Use Massive by native instuments and use mastering plugins on just the growl to make it fatter.
there is a producer who makes massive presets and tutorils called rocket powered sound.
also check out virtual riot live streams, i learn a lot from those.
ALSO…, check out the official growl/bass thread on dsf.

I wasn’t looking for a Massive preset, I have Massive but I use Serum.
I watch those streams all the time :slight_smile: I learned a great deal from Virtual Riot!

There is also the growl bass thread…