Help with mix

I’m working on this song and I’m just looking for some advice on the mix. It’s just a short sample from the song but any advice would be great.

Honestly? Too much sub.

I was kind of going for earth shaking sub but OK. Any suggestions for it? Eq it down just turn it down?

try rolling off the low end at around 20Hz for the sub

I was kind of going for earth shaking sub but OK.

Nothing wrong with that, but too much is too much. I’m sure this would sound good on some systems, but stick that to some decent Hi-Fi and the whole room is shaking but you couldn’t hear anything else happening in the song.

Any suggestions for it? Eq it down just turn it down?

From those two, I’d say (linear phase) eq, since there’s that nice higher harmonics in that sub that could be spared.

Another approach would be to think if other stuff in the track is loud enough. I personally don’t even give a shit about sub until the track is almost finished. I just mix it by eye using the spectrum analyzer and then do final tweaks in the end. It depends so much on the dynamics of everything else. I’m sure some super loud track could have (and do have) that amount of sub. That’s one positive side of making stuff at least moderately loud.

EDIT: So I think the best option would be to make mid/high end on instruments stand out a bit more, and just slightly cut the sub.

Alright thanks for the tips. I’m about halfway done or so and this is my third song and the first time I’ve actually really focused on having a good mix. I’ll probably come back to the sub closer to the end.

Kind of waiting for my girlfriends car to get fixed cuz she has a good sound system. I’m just using studio headphones :stuck_out_tongue:

How can ypu not give a shit about sub til the end??
Its dub step lol

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tripple plus for that question

I mean for serious balance. I’ve been doing some small tweaking here and there

Edit: oh not talking to me I’m dumb

Oh wow completely forgot I was boosting the sub pretty heavily with maximus in the master channel. Turned that down and now it sounds way better

wrong thread woops

I mean for serious balance.


Sure I care about the actual sound, but not the precise level.