Help with Mixing Please

Is anyone willing to skype or email frequently to help me with mixing?

what is it exactly that you want to know

How to blend songs together perfectly, and just overall help and and someone to give me positive construction on how to better myself.

tbh the best thing to improve your mixing is to just keep practicing. Listen to mixes/radio shows of artists/DJs you enjoy, that should give you an idea of how mixes tend to be structured and how they flow. Also work on beatmatching before practicing things like theme, flow etc… once you can get tracks matched then you can work on those. Be patient though, it can take time

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what he said^

no amount of skype tutoring is going to make you a good dj tbh, practice, practice, practice, don’t get too hard on yourself in the beginning. it will be extremely frustrating at first, but once it starts clicking and you make your first blend you’re happy with, it’ll be magic

also re: blending songs together perfectly, i highly recommend to look into what harmonic mixing is and learn a bit of musical theory (circle of fifths)

Thank you guys for the advice!