Hey Everybody!

Ok, I just moved to Houston. Idk anyone here… Im all alone except my wife n kids… I need dubstep/riddim buddies. If your up for making a new friend to make music with hit me up! Preferably if your in Houston but even if you just wanna collab im down! Heres a link to my tunes if anyone wants to peak. Been producing for 10 years and my soundcloud shows that… Look forward to hearing from you guys :v::v:


these guys do some sick events in Houston when it comes to dubstep, not so sure about riddim stuff


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I just found out about Gritsy yesterday. Havent had the pleasure of going yet but I plan to. Thanks for the advice. Do you know if theres a cover charge or anything?

p sure you have to buy tickets for the event, I dont live in texas and I’ve never actually been to one of their nights but a friend of mine helps run the night

they’ve got a potent sound system

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Damn, thats whats up