Hip-Hop (non trap stuff)

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Did the Decline of Sampling Cause the Decline of Political Hip Hop?




I don’t know if this is 90s but it’s good. That sample bruv!


Man this has got me on a hip hop YouTube trial!


Ok new title now until someone thinks of better one, post anything that isn’t in the style of the new Trap stuff.


Yeeeah fuck the chop :wink:
Lets get some real shit in here.

@Hibbie that whole mf album is sick af



yes yes, big up on the thread switch hibbie, good idea m8

gonna repost this here bc its 2 much


So sick, 1st Mobb Deep beat :gunfinger:


ah shit yeah, thats the beat, what tune is that? it was so familiar but could not place it at all


Off Murda Musik
Fuk that took me a while to find, thought it was on the album after that.

Murda Musik is underrated to fuk.


been listening to this one a lot again recently too, such a sick tune to live life to, proper soundtrack to walking to down the street and just seeing the city around ya haha


yess, thanks man


I got well into this tune last year, bit of guilty pleasure but i don’t care lol:


bruv not a guilty pleasure at all! such a banger

love that old school bouncey 2 step flow pattern so much, heres a local classic in that vibe, more raw, but fun


This is probably the best British Hip-Hop (urgh so wack) tune i have heard, released last year too.
Guy raps seriously fast lol



and i sry, but i have to post this

straight up anthem around these parts a while back, clubs full of people screaming the lyrics with massive smiles on their faces whenever this gets played