Hodge Rinse FM Show

Starts a new monthly show tonight, 2nd Tuesday of every month 1am-3am GMT.

His recent show on Rinse with Facta was really good… tonight b2b Pev!

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how did that turn out? wanted to listen but couldn’t, interested to hear what they played.

its up on rinse soundcloud now

Listening to the show as I type.

need to give that a listen the facta one was big, really liked this one

Show was really good, that tune that Hodge says is nuts and then said he can’t give no info yet but keep your eyes peeled this week… BENGA GUN FINGA

Isn’t it the new Pangaea?

Can’t really remember what it sounds like now but just listened to the clips of the new Pangaea release and yeah it could be.

AHh yeah I know what it is but if he says he cant say anything I aint gonna say anything lol

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don’t be a tease. I was once and it ended very poorly (and in me spilling the beans eitherway).

well all will be revealed soon ennit