[HOODIES] "I love you but I've chosen Jungle"

ez all… DNBRADiO is crowdfunding a small hoodie/t-shirt run with this design.

There are about 4 days left to reserve one. https://www.teezily.com/ilovejungle


You got one for dubstep m8


would you really want one? Just let me know :wink:

1 day left on these

does it come with a low passed square wave

can you print up some ‘jungle is massive’ hoodies??

why did the lion get lost?

for fuck’s sake

Did you actually flog any?

I coped a hoodie.

1 BigUp

ones that say

fucks with jungle

ME - jungle!

jungle innit

m8 i like jungle OK?

would sell like hot coke io

most of the general public would think that you love nero and skrillex tbf

Then I’ll get one that says “I love you, but I’ve chosen Mala”

yeah you love the pakistani singer called mala

thats who i meant

i know

Mala Rodriguez > Mala > Malawrence.

mala cyrus

so no jungle is massive hoodies? :frowning:

Doesn’t Dizzee Rascal own the copyrights to those?