Hotline Recordings

they cover a lot of genres so couldn’t decide where to place this

mad label doing things properly

new voicemail message, sounds like rider shafique stuff i’ve heard young echo play but can’t tell

who else tags their artists name on a derelict building like this

Loved everything they’ve released and its all different. Plus the hotline lighters are ideal for the rave >>

Lost one tho :frowning:

i think i owned a hotline lighter off the commodo release

for like

3 hrs max : (

Awesome label, I really want that hodge release. Such Fire!

I would have said it was an Ishan tune but I could be wrong. Liked their releases but only copped a couple.

Not heard the clip but if it sounds like Ishan & Rider its not this is it?

i think it’s that tune yeah

Wouldn’t be surprised I think thats been forthcoming a little while now.

anyone know who runs hotline?

Its a division of


Binga should drop something with Rider on hotline imo. They’ve worked many times together already and I think some high-grade Binga Bashment would fit hotline neatly.

I agree. Binga killing it atm!

Another Ishan double pack… jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez… treating us!

Rivet is a large tune

Might have to cop that out of rom 2

Just called the number and secret guest for tonight is Hodge b2b Beneath. Should be good.

Ohh nice 1

Hodge B2B Beneath! I would of loved to of been there.

Clashed with Pinch and Riko which was pretty long. Tried to pick up the EP on the night but didnt have £15 in cash lol