How about replacing the "like" hearts with gunfingers?


It would be a good balance between the new forum and the old DSF “big up” system. Plus it looks like a thumbs up, only cooler.

There’s already one in the forum that blends in well :nogunfinger:
:gunfinger: would be better though.


Haven’t had a good anti-mod rebellion in a while :eyes:


@4ndY is this possible?


:nogunfinger: for dislike too?


Only if it triggers a little “BOH!” audio clip at the same time.


Haha is there a dislike? Just “flag” posts I suppose.
Maybe this for flag post

But nah only serious about the gunfingaz


Pretty sure it’s part of the universal fourm software but would be cool if it’s not and can be changed


I’ve never worked with Discourse but I checked the site and it can be changed in the admin custom css file, seems it uses Font Awesome codes so according to the Discourse devs it would only be a couple of lines in /customize/css_html.

.fa-heart:before {
  content: "\custom image id here";

But up to you guys if it’s worth it or not of course.

The info and code is here:
(example from there)


Arrrrr m8y.


dicks and skulls imo


I’ve improvised… what do you think? :slight_smile:

BTW, if someone can prepare better images I’m willing to replace the current ones:


fuck yeah! thanks Andy


Aw yeah.


Ahh, so.


big ups


yes iyah




:gunfinger: is live guys

Now I vote we change all of the badges from “has x liked posts” to “has had x posts fingered”

Also change “Like this post” To “Finger this post”


One glock.


Aaaand it’s gone