How are those filthy "Deathstep"/Tearout/Riddim snares (like Code: Pandorum) made?

If you need some samples of them, Code: Pandorum uses them in his remix of Crwn Thy Frnictr by Psyclon Nine. They’re sick as hell, and I’d love to know how to make them or at least get some idea of how they’re done.

Get a hold of an acoustic library like Addictive Drums for example.processing the living daylights out of it (compression,saturatioon),especially the room mics.the additional sustain comes from the room mic or overhead of the cymbals,specifically crashes and rides

Took a listen to your example and the actual answer to your question is mix extremely badly.i don’t know if you have noticed but everything bar the snare has been thinned out a great deal,if though the focal point is the snare and everything else was mixed around it,there’s obviously nothing wrong with doing that but this is a poor way to go about it (i’ll quit talking shit now)

Most of what i said initially still applies but if you approach your mixdown the same way as this person has here (hopefully with some restraint and taste),you’ll end up with a similar illusion of a big snare if everything else is thinned out to death (to elaborate i mean there’s hardly any mids and low mids,it’s all hi mids and top end on everything,but the snare is the only sound in the whole track to have a solid fundamental and hold stage that hovers around the low mids)

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Thank you for the tips, I’ll try them out :slight_smile:

(Also sorry for leaving this so long - completely forgot about DSF for a while :stuck_out_tongue: )

take a 909 snare and give it some of this