How can I make good chords?

Hey there guys!
My DJ name is Tfox, but you can call me Tom.
I’ve always wanted to make dubstep, but since I’ve got fl studio, It’s not working.
The problem is: I can’t make chords. when I’ve got the chords, I can easily make a a melody on it.
But the chords don’t sound good.

Can any of you help me with the chords?

Kind regards,
TFOX, A.K.A. Tom

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have u got a midi keyboard,

Yeah but I cant get it right know because I’m not at home:-(

try this, i dont know if this is best tutorial but i use the computer keyboard as midi in ableton to work out melodies and it’s helped me a lot

was long trying to work out which notes sounded good together clicking buttons and i was definitely not going to go back and learn musical theory for piano to know which notes work together as chords

Thank you very much! I can check this video out when I’m at home, 'cause know I’m using the mobile network XD.
But I’ve got one more question which scale is good to use?

I’d say pick up the last edition of Computer Music magazine, theres actually like hours of tutorials specifically on that on the CD (You may even be able to find the CD image online) or jsut cop the CD off the rack if ur a shiester.

check this out, the piano roll on FL has a secret little chord selection menu under a tab called “helper”

i have ableton and i drew in all the chords and scales into midi, i just drag them into my project. i’ll drag in a scale and “fold” the piano roll down so it only displays the notes in that key and just click around till i come up with something. its helped me develop an ear for musicality and i’ve actually learned all the basic chords and can understand 7ths and inverted chords etc

u might try this is well although its quite limited in its chord selection for whatever reason

good luck hope this helps


Learn music theory. It’s your friend, trust me. There’s a bit of a learning curve in the beginning, but since you’ve already started creating music some things will be clear from the get-go.

Cop this on amazon or indigo/chapters. Pretty thorough, I’ve had it on my shelf for time now.

Also this is a great way to learn the scales proper and a huge time saver even if you already know them. Doing right now even ahaha!

I have this app called piano composer pro really helped me cheat the chords on a track.

oldskool trick, play a c minor chord, sample it, play it up and down your keyboard


Hey, that’s a secret. :badteeth:

Hey op

people make this much harder than it is

you can make a scale (as it is called when the notes go together)

if you pick one note, you can be pretty sure it will work with not the note sitting right next to it, but the next one…

so if you pick every other note and use those together - - it will sound right most of the time and if it doesn’t then you just pick he next one… !

yea btw. (edit* build your chord within a scale, a chord can use an entire scale but doesnt normally).

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Thank you guys! one day not online and so many replies!

I think it is going to help me a lot!

Kind regards,

TFOX, aka Tom

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Listen to McCoy Tyner records. Seriously.


This, all of this

Nah, that will blow their minds completely. If they are having a hard time building basic chords, then understanding McCoy Tyner’s stacked fourth chords and ambiguous harmony is going to go right over their heads.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to McCoy Tyner by the way. By all means listen to him. He’s a brilliant pianist. Here, I’ll get you started:

I suggest not doing this. While it definitely is an option, reading on music theory before you delve into composition is an easy way to get fuck all done and be put off composition all together. At most get something for light reading before bed or during a commute.
Just make melodies and make chords out of the notes you use.
When you have an idea for a sequence but don’t know how to put it down, just punch in the main notes and add notes in where you think they’ll fit by trial and error.