How d’ya know you’re not awful at making music?


bare in mind a large fraction of people making music (arguably a majority even?) don’t do make music for dj’s/club dance floors

not that it changes anything wrt to recognition as a driver, but def a different approach for technical stuff like mixdowns, tune progression, stuff that could be measures of “talent” in dj oriented genres


its an opinion akin to stepping on a dog shit on the street where topmoe has written a message saying everything is shit

hug him if you see him


topmoe sees a buddhist sitting in his orange garb talking about process

just rips the little fella to shreds

dont you fucking ying that yang at me !


as long as you have strong pungent base i tend to find tunes will be good or great


well, if I remember anything from my teen years playing guitar my only motivation for forming a band was to get gigs and be cool on stage, so there’s that.


Well dude, I’m sure you could get a hell of a lot more validation from making something other than niche bass music right? At some point your actual taste and what sounds good to you has to be a big factor in what creative choices you make. Even tho I think you’re right that some kinda ascetic dedication to pure artistry for its own sake is a stupid cliche


that’s an interesting point, but still imo my theory applies, just that the validation is looked for in a very specific scene. much like when you go to like the supermarket or something rocking gore tex pro and air max 97 even though the plebs around you can’t really tell the difference you still think you’re cool


this is not the fucking school yard
stop being insecure its un cool :crazy_face:

you grow up
see a process

you can validate what youve seen

if you cant comprehend the value then youve not validated it either

its moot
validation is a process too


fuck me, is this an actual music-related discussion on dsf?



And you can’t just wear certain things because you like them and think they look good?
You’re saying there’s always an subtext of needing validation in any choice you make?


If I’m not getting the validation of strangers then what’s the point of anything I do



This is literally what I want for society


I’m thinking about becoming a producer.


Fuck i waited to long to reply to these… I made the post because 10 years later, and I believe ive made some fuckin bangers, but like you guys are arguing about… Yeah some fuckin validation would be great… No one wants to criticize anyones music anymore. How do you get better? Fucking tell me I suck god Damn it. Or tell me im a fucmin genius whatever. But yeah, validation, I upload every single track I finish. If its not uploaded it wasnt worth finishing. I just wanna start floppin my music everywhere, but id like to know if I sound like a 2 year old banging a keyboard or not… No what im sayin? How does an artist go from fuck idk to yes i know this shit is good? Just take my own word for it and start slingin it like coke at a charlie sheen party? Fuck it, ya talked me into it :joy::joy:


you know there is lol


Post some tunes so we can hear them…


I mean i can post my soundcloud link?
If we are asking for specific tracks i can post the one I think is best? Thanks for asking tho :+1: I wanna hear yours too bro, let me get that link.


I’ll have a listen to some later today.
Bare in mind ive only been producing for a few months so I’ve a lot to learn!!
There’s only a few bits and pieces there. Full tunes have been taken down while I work on 'em some more.