How d’ya know you’re not awful at making music?


Ah shit. You werent kidding. What daw are you using? What genre are you trying to make? Do you have a mentor? Id love to help you get better :+1: send me a PM and make sure you check oit my sc


Thanks dude. I got a few people I can hit up for info, advice or if I get stuck. Will give you a shout if I need a hand
I use reaper, and I don’t restrict myself to a genre I just enjoy making noise


Sticking to 1 genre just limits creativity anyways. More power to ya bro. Just tryna be part of the community, i may not know if im a shit producer but i still know my stuff. So just kbow im here of you need any help. That goes for anyone :+1:


Cheers bud .
There’s a couple of feedback threads knocking about round here. Definitely worth putting your stuff up there.


Agreed, i only make music cos i feel the urge to, not to because i want to impress anyone


Yoo shit hat Mystical Powerz is actually kind of a fucking banger took me completely by surprise on my monitors, double I’m on acid but woah that was worth clicking


Dude, thats not me… Thats just a song I shared… Dope ass track if you ask me tho. This is me …


LOL! Eyeball fail, cheers…

Still a pretty good track anyway! I’d be pretty impressed with myself tbh…


Well thanks :+1: im always down to listen to new music so of you ever feel like droppin that sc link ill try to give decent feed back. Gotta share the love


My own contribution to this here genre

It’s okay but I don’t have the technical capacities to easily get what I want done quickly so it hampers everything lol


Yeah digging that.
Only listened on my phone tho so will have a proper listen later.


For some reason it’s quiet as fuck but if you crank it like twice what it should be on the power amp you can actually hear what you’re supposed to lol I think it’s because I set the mixer on -6dB to maximise my headroom then couldn’t work out how to get it to within 0dB without clipping

Should have stuck a brick wall on it but I really wanted to avoid over-compressing it… I was trying to find one with an automatic attack and release to feel the transients out for me so I didn’t have to faff round riding dials across the whole mix


I’m having trouble with loudness on my tracks too. Not got into compression yet, concentrating on eq to bring out the flavours first


Oh that was you that started following me on scoundcloud… I was like “this random page” … Some decent drums here, really to quiet tho. Just like i mentioned to sleepwalk. Im willing to mentor and teach whatever… Always tryna spread the love. Not enough ppl do that around here, and i know how hard it can be as a producer to figure these things out… Like why is my song so quiet?


It’s because the bass is too loud and sucking up all the headroom.


This is it imo


Ho shit cheers yeah you were right, I thought it was because my monitors couldn’t do bass but I played around in other octaves after checking what their respective Hz is supposed to be and I could balance it all out way better… I’m such a fucking idiot :rofl: