How Did You Pick Your Stage Name?

Very curious about that…

Anyways I picked mine because at the time I liked anything with the word “Nation” in it :stuck_out_tongue: Just didn’t know what to put in front of it… originally I was planning for the name Basement Dwellers but then I realized that’s already a song, then I was like, crap… So after a few hours on a name generator website I settled for JiveNation.

That’s my story, post yours!

I get mine from here


10/10 recommend


Got mine from the word tetrahydrocannabinol and then used the chemical symbol as my logo.

Avoid those name generators. If you think you got one you like sit on it for a bit as it may not be good after a week. Also helps if the social media pages are available if you want to make a soundcloud or twitter account.

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Why was my post flagged?

I did, but not as punishment or anything. Basically identical to this larger thread and about to become redundant in terms of replies.


I understand, :ok_hand:

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