How do you do your sub?

I use Serum mostly, and it has a separate sub occsilator, but I haven’t used it because I am used to always having a separate sub. However when I listen to excision and virtual riot etc. it sounds like their sub moves with their basses. When I use a separate sub it sounds so static and boring. I sidechain it a little but how can I get it to move with the song? Volume automation? Or should I just try using the sub occs?

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One way that I’ve heard is to take a bass patch, and dumb it down to a simple low passed square wave.
Low passed square waves are better than just a simple sine wave because the have more harmonics.

Ok, I might try that, thanks

And here’s a video about it by Dodge and Fuski

I found a song that sounds like the sub is super connected. Zomboy - Game Time (Barely Alive Remix)

Also they get the sub to move so crisply with the song. Whenever I try it is hard to tell that it even has a pattern

I believe the connection your talking about is the sub playing the same notes as the bass. If you have a growl bass that is pitching up and then down over the course of half a bar, then your sub should do the same. after that its just proper EQ to make sure they dont clash and then proper compression

Using a strait sine wave sounds empty. Sometimes I take square waves or saw waves and low pass them so that there is still some sound above the base frequency. Converting the sub to audio can help you manipulate the volume of the sub so it gives movement to the track. Or you could bounce it with envelopes

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Ya I know, I can hear the pitch mod. And maybe in that song there is quite a bit so I notice the sub more. I am just trying to find what that song does that mine doesn’t

Ok, I will try bouncing a saw to audio and lowpassing it, I’ve heard it can sound more lively but maybe I am imagining it but when their bass wobbles so does the sub. Do you think they use automation?

Low pass the patch then bounce

Dodge and fruski and zomboy aren’t a really good source for subs… or production in general tbh but especially subs.

This is a good tutorial

with subs it doesn’t matter what you use really as long as you have a sine, i often use raw sine samples into Ableton’s sampler, more about finding the right frequency, mixing it right etc.


I actually use 3xOsc to make sine waves and adding Fruity Waveshaper and Fabfilter Q 3 to control the muddiness

(I use FL Studio 20)