How do you make the Bassline from "The Sasquatch" by Tacitex?

I recently came across a song by a guy named Tacitex called “The Sasquatch” ( ), and the bassline sounds really cool, but I have literally no idea how to make it. Any suggestions?

My opinion (I may be wrong)

It’s done with a sine that’s been distorted then lowpassed for the wobble, with pitch modulation following the filter.

The sharper parts is probably the above sound layered with a saw or square wave being modulated In the same way.

Hope this helps!

Hey man, thanks for the kind words :smiley:
It’s a really simple patch in FM8.

Osc F is a pure sine with a 1.0 ratio
Osc E is a pure sine with a 2.0 ratio being routed into Osc F (max I used was value of 67)
Osc D is a 1+5 waveform with a 2.0 ratio being routed into Osc F (max value I used was 50)

So from this point I mapped each oscillator to a macro knob and automated the values…
The macro knob will allow you to make the “wob” shit, it’s just like an LFO except you can just draw in your shit manually. I personally just find that to be the easiest way for me.

Osc F was fully mapped, meaning 0 on the knob meant 0 within the plugin as well as 100% on the knob being 100 (the maximum) within the synth
Osc E was only mapped 0 - 67, so 100% on the macro would only be the value of 67 within FM8
Osc D routing into F was mapped 0 - 52

Later on in the track with the higher sharper frequencies coming into the bass all I was doing was routing Oscillator D into Osc E with the value of 52. All of this was mapped with ableton’s macro knobs so it was ultra easy.

If you have anymore question’s man just shoot me a message on soundcloud it’s a lot easier for me there plus I’m pretty drunk right now so I’m not gonna be the best at describing this shit but I hope it helped!

Also I’m very proud of this patch, with great power comes great responsibiltiy homie, please use it well, that’s all I ask <3