How do you make these future bass / future chill trap chords?

It’s the main chords on the drop, you’re typical future bass / chill trap future sound, I can NEVER seem to get this sound right though and it’s super frustrating


Do you mean the sound, or the chords themselves?

If it’s the sound, try a detuned triangle with a lot of glide. That’ll give you a syrupy g-funk style sound, then try adding different layers and EQing to taste. I’d suggest a suitable pad patch with a short attack to give it a bit more colour, but it depends what you’re going for.

If it’s writing chords themselves, then check out a bit of basic music theory. Idiots Guide is a good plae to start and can be found via Google if you’re so inclined, failing that something like this will give you a basic overview;

triangle? sounds like saw waves to me

all in all most good soft synths like gladiator, saurus etc have presets for huge saw wave dance pads like that. it just doesnt sound good with an operator or some other shite synth

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Thanks for the reply guys
I meant the actual synth of the chords, like I understand it has some square and wave in it but I can never seem to get that down right, it always sounds too generic and plastic, I remember harmor had a similiar patch but I can’t find it for the life of me. I appreciate the help

Play around with cutoff and resonance, add chorus and/or flanging works for me.
Also layering octaved chords works. Vibrato can be good too.

sounds like a detuned/glided saw wave with resonance/saturation/EQ/reverb/possibly layered

detuned saws, chorus, lots of unison

Badman tip: stereo detune!

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Could always add a reverb followed by a ping ponged delay. Along with the aforementioned methods of detuning/ running them in 3,4,5 unison.

If you guys are still looking for tips around the synth side of future bass, you can check out this tutorial on future bass synth layering