How to create a few sounds

I am not the best at creating sounds, if I could get away with just creating a few beats with a sub, dark ambient pad and some sfx I would, but there’s a few different sounds I would like to create in my music. It’s only about 4 different sounds, but I’ve included a few examples so you can hear what I am on about.

The first is kind of these really chilled out ambient-ish sort of sounds like the first “synth” in

and the ambient effect coming off the piano in the intro of

I don’t know, I can never really get a nice sounding ambient effect, I can create dark ambient fine, but normal ambient sounds, never sound nice or right.

The next sort of sound is the sort of “ragga rasta sound” like in

at about 01:22 in and above

and at 01:15 in

I’ve spent hours messing around trying to make the rasta sound, but it hasn’t really got me anywhere. It just ends up sounding like nothing I intended to make.

The third sound is this sort of flute sound used by Loefah in a couple of tracks i.e.

I like the flute sound, don’t know if he sampled it or created it, but I have wanted to use this flute sort of sound, but haven’t been able to achieve it.

And the final sound is like this really high pitched sound used by Coki in a couple of tracks i.e.

and from 3:05 in this clip

Not entirely sure how I would go about creating this sort of sound, but I like the sound.

I’m not saying the sounds have to be exactly the same, but at least similar sort of sounds. I don’t really have many vsts, like I have the 3xosc, massive, fm8, sytrus and that’s really about it. I’m not sure if I need anymore vsts like kontact etc. but yeah.

Sorry if it’s a bit long.

All help is appreciated, cheers and peace out. :v:

  1. sounds like a piano/rhodesy type thing with a low pass filter on it
  2. effect on the reverb on the piano, maybe eq or could be filter (or even the reverb preset itself). You could automate this pretty easily
  3. melodica
  4. the actual flute sample or the detuned flutey sound?
  5. the seond loefah flute sound is an old chestnut bird song sample, think I first heard it on Cry Cisco’s Afro Dizzi Act
  6. Sounds like melodica type chords pitched right up
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1-6) Get a copy of Melodyne and just sample them

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The flute around 0:30 and 0:45 on track 4

thats a dyne-amite answer

Find some one-shot samples of brass instruments or checkout native instruments. They’ve got a bunch of synths on this type of shit. Also there’s Edirol Hypercanvas, can sound shit, but I used to like the shitty sound when I had it.