How to create dubstep in FL Studio for beginner?

I have only used FL Studio to make music for computer games, I have some loops and sample sounds based around dubstep, question is where do I start in FL Studio? I can’t find a decent simple enough guide on the internet that tells me how Dubstep is structured which I am guessing is the most important starting point here?

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What you need for dubstep is a sub bass. This is easily achieved with 3xOsc with all of the oscillators set to sine waves, usually set to the same octave too. Play low notes, feel the vibes, see where that takes you.
Can’t really tell you much about structure because that really depends on the parts you’re working with and how you want to set up the track. Moreover, there is no ‘right’ way to structure a dubstep track. I suppose there is the bass drop to signal the end of the intro, but that’s about it really. So long as you’ve got relevant elements, tempo and sub bass, it should be recognizable as a dubstep track.

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140 bpm
Basic structure:
32/16 bar intro
32 bar "drop"
32 bar variation of previous section
16 bar breakdown
Then you can just repeat

This is literally very basic though and is by no means a definitive thing to do, but just a starting point.

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Watch Seamlessr on youtube. Incredibly informative.

Some good advice from you all many thanks for the advice, I think this going to take me a lot of work to get my head around.

Or you could just look for any dance music structure.

thanks again.

  1. Select loops
  2. Delete