How to create this bass

I’ve been trying to learn how to make this particular sound but I’ve been failing. It sounds easy but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

Leotrix has it in his sample pack and you can hear it at 1:40 (Leotrix - Future Riddim Pack Vol. 1 [INSIDE LOOK] - YouTube)

modus used it as his main bass for the drop in one of his songs (modus-over me). Bass drops at 0:55 and it sounds the same, just stabby due to volume ADSR manipulation

Dr. Ozi used this bass in Play It Back Again and Brooding Murder

And most recently, it was used in the MUST DIE! - BODY SCREAM (Jiqui Remix)

It almost sounds like a reese bass but I just can’t get it right. My reese sounds like something MUST DIE! used in High From It (MUST DIE! Remix), 2K Bliss, or some kind of DnB track. Can anyone give me advice or links to a tutorial if there are any?

Why do you want to sound like a bass sample that has already been used in 4 tracks?
Do your own thing. No one here listens to that kind of music anyway so not sure what sort of response you’ll get… Beans on toast chat and grit bin pics probably

You’re probably on the right track. Just about the effects chain. Sounds like there might be some kind of vocoder or something on it to me

why not just buy the sample pack and use the sample?

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