How to create this vocal effect?

It happens around 1:04
I’ve tried using the frequency shifter in ableton but can’t really get close to that sound

transposing, vocoder, and distortion, I bet ya.

Great tune. You might want to try using a growl as a modulator in the vocoder that is on the vocal chain…The very first growl downbeat has the same clicky frequency as the vocal when it gets dirty so that would be another possibility.

I would try to compress and distort the vocal and put try to put a ring mod effect on it after, a little bitcrushing as well. I’ve talked to PON3 and he does that to emulate that Skrillex-y kinda vocal effect. It’s thinner than this one for sure, but it’s similar. Volt_Punk also mentioned the vocoder trick which I think is your best bet. OmegaMode uses a vocoder in “Skies Of Fire”… the vocoder also sounds similar to the growl in his track. Try those I suppose.

This MIGHT work but you’d need to pitch it more and do more distortion and additional vocoding.

No vocoder.