How to increase plays and followers on soundcloud

HI my group recently published a promotional mix

We have shared on our page groups an submitted it various places. What is the best way to promote mixes and gain followers on soundcloud? Any help much appriociated

By being good

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show love and some people might show love back

love is a lie, doesn’t exist

Tell people,
PR companies,
Social media,
Send music out.

Could help to link up with other artists and have them do guest mixes on your show.
If you guys produce, start sending music out to DJs, especially people on radio.
Bassdrive is, or at least was (dunno because I don’t follow anymore), a good station for dnb.

Thanks for the replies, especially Morris Jessie. We have managed to work with a few stations and hopefully a few more in the coming year

why is this up?

Spammer posted link to some SoundCloud pay for plays service which I deleted