How to Make a Song in 4 EASY Steps

STEP 1: Find a song that has a portion that is just drums and another instrument.

STEP 2: Dump it into a beat slicer.

STEP 3: Arrange it so that it forms a nice beat as well as a melody.

STEP 4: Add some effects, I just doused it in reverb and was all set

I felt so bad taking one of my favorite bands songs and doing this to it :confused: But it’s kind of not bad and I thought it was funny how stupid easy it is to make something that sounds original.

reverb is the msg of music

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this could be turned into a Lil B instrumental

If originality is the goal everything is easy. You ever thought about bussing half the reverb to another reverb with a delay?

That would be pretty cool. But honestly I spent a lot of time arranging it and accidentally put the reverb on the master and it sounded good. I wasn’t even going to post it but just thought it was funny that I could run one of my favorite songs through a slicer and make something “original”