How to make snare 'thump' like this?

I’m having trouble processing mine to sound this way. I have snare samples that sound very similar, but can’t get that kind of pop to them. It almost sounds like they’re ‘sucking in’ right before the initial transient or something. Maybe a very short reversed swell before it? I dont know, any help would be awesome.


at around :20

around 1:00

BA’s kicks and snares have that sucking in sound you’re describing, i’m not really sure what it is. idk if it just comes from squashing the shit out of your mix or something.

Yeah exactly, I dont know how they do it and I’ve tried a lot of things to get that sound and nothing has worked so far.

Tbh, I don’t hear much much “sucking in” on either one of those snares. The little there is, is in the mix. Hi-hats are one thing. Sidechaining everything (especially those big reverbs/background ambience) to kick & snare is another.

I find a lot of snare samples often contain some small sections at the start of the waveform that aren’t really part of the attack. They usually look like flat sections before the waveform starts curving into the attack. I use Edison in FL to really zoom in and cut these bits out, I find it makes the snare snap ever so slightly more. It’s subtle but it makes a difference.

Also use some short ambient reverb on snares. Dry snares pop in your face in a not so good way but a small amount of ‘small room’ type ambience helps it sit in the mix and pop ‘in’ nicely

You’ve got the exact idea, OP.
Just comes down to sample selection and mixing. And as @Agu_ says, sidechaining will get you to and beyond the arts of artificial suction.
Though, when you bite someone, it’s generally more acceptable to apply the same technique but leave the exact sound. So don’t get too sad about not sounding 100% like what you’re getting ideas from.