How to make these risers?

Anyone happen to know how to make this kind of riser? I’ll settle for a sample pack name but I REALLY want to know how its done by scratch. I heard it’s lex lugar thing but I hear this in future bass and hiphop, even in Skrillex - Tabasco.

sounds like it could be one of the risers from the lex luger sample pack which should be easy enough to find, but its got like a layered break on top thats got some filtering automation on it and possibly some distortion automation? not sure, basically just some drums with loads of upwards automation on them on top

I know about the drums and such, it’s the little riser synth I want, it’s so clean

Thank you though!

theres a plugin called ‘the riser’ which is super good for well, risers lol i think its free too

I’ve hear of that!, I’ll have to try it out now

I’ll upload the sample in here in a bit if u want it

It’s straight up a sample from a sample pack I think

if you can please do ;D