How to make this phasery electro-house bass?

I’m talking about the one that kicks in at 1:00. I’ve tried make something in Sytrus and stuff, but I can’t really get close.

Reese, distortion, bp/comb filter, distortion, phase.

what do you mean by phase?
Do they really use straight up reeses for that?

Stick a phaser on it. It’s been done before, and I reckon that’s what’s going on in this track. Maybe fuck about with some flangers and/or chorus too along the way.

ahh i thought you meant changing the wave phase or something.

So you are asking about the skrillex-y growl that is the first sound of the drop? Or the frequency shifter bass?

The frequency shifter one. I think I’ve actually seen a YouTube tutorial on something similar before, so I’ll probably try to find it tomorrow.

Make a bass sound with lots of frequency content. A reese with lots of distortion, a growl, etc… then add a frequency shifter and automate the frequency. Massive and Ableton have frequency shifters, I’m in FL so I use Full Bucket frequency shifter. The lfo sounds like a downramp in that song.

definitely a frequency shifter. people always say phaser but I’ve never understood why.