How to make this sound?

How to make this sound 00:50

Those are just some chords being played with square/saw combination. Could add a little chorus or something to it. Vibrato can also work well with that.

Its Ring Modulation on something between a square and a saw wave. That will get you the basic sound so then just add more square like wave detuned for fatness. Obviously lots of vibrato. Some distortion.

If you listen closely you can here a grainy bass layer under it when the filter closes. I don’t know what to call it but you can get it from using the bend+/bend- in massive. Its possible that its a by-product of the ring mod and not another OCS though.

Edit: Thinking about it some hard sync would’t be a bad choice on this one.

Oh and you need to have the rig mod set to semitone pitches around harmonics and not on them.

Serum? massive? im noob