How to organize sample folder

i just got a new macbook & going to put live & move a ton of samples over to it

the sample folder on my computer right now has shit all over the place & im constantly losing shit

how do you (or would you) organize your sample folder all together

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i don’t think i can ignore the dank memes folder


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send me a zip of those dank memes bro

Nothing beats concisely named folders. Not much more you can do I guess. I keep all the internet finds separate from custom made ones, and both separate from purchased ones. Back them up fairly often…

Check out Audiofinder for Mac
Similar for Win is Breezer

dank samples folder and normal samples folder

My SAMPLES folder structure (I put it in capital letters so I know it’s important) is like:

¬ Breaks
¬¬ Bongo / congos
¬¬ Amens
¬¬ Shakers
¬ Hits
¬¬ Goldbaby 808
¬¬ Gameboy drums
¬¬ Drum machines
¬¬¬ Akai XR-10
¬¬¬ Boss DR-55
¬¬¬ Boss DR-110

Bass & Synths
¬ Atari 2600 sounds
¬ Master System sounds

My Stuff
¬ Drums
¬¬ Breaks
¬¬ Hits
¬ Recordings

¬ Acapellas
¬ MIDI files

Then I have one more folder, next to the main SAMPLES folder called SAMPLES-stems+remix where I stick shit I mix down for people or collabs, or stems, etc. Prefer being able to back up the important shit (my own samples) separately.

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i need to sort mine out, got millions, would take weeks to do manually, I need some software that will analyze the waveform and then organize samples into kicks, snares, etc, etc - does such a thing exist?

My sample folders have kind of gotten sloppy recently but for awhile they were good.

I organized them very specifically. It would be “instrument” then a description of each sample ie “long high” “short low” that kind of stuff. For the sliced drums I put a sub folder for each bit so its like “sliced drums” -> “Gavin drums” the roots drums etc then name each hit


this is taking forever yo

How are you losing the samples? Doesn’t live search the folders on its database when samples don’t seem immediately available? Or are you deleting them?

sometimes in the ableton browser i like accidentally drag a folder into a folder or like 15 folders into one folder & then its lost forever

Wait, why can’t you drag it back out in explorer?

i dont see it happen & i have so many folders that itd take forever to find it & fix it

Well, a long way to sort it would be to look at projects with missing files, then search for them in explorer/finder and then drag around from there.
A more permanent solution would be to stop using abelton :badteeth:

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