How to sound like ? thread


How do I make the bass sound and how to make it glide like in Jack U To U!


Hey, not strictly dubstep but I was wondering how I can make a similar bass? I have heard a similar one used in some of James Blake’s tracks.

Particularly the sounds when it goes a bit higher at 2min 14seconds.

Any help would be appreciated!


just a sine sub, probably with a bit of lfo amp modulation, maybe a bit of reverb on there too


the higher bit is just lfo modulation on pitch i think


Any ideas or pointers on the high frequency sound that starts at 7 seconds? Been giving it a slog in Massive with no luck.


I think Ive got the rhythm with a 6/32 lfo modding the high pass filter, but it still sounds nothing like it tone wise. Closest thing I could find tone wise was to use the mod osc pitched high up like +24 or +36 with some of the phase at 7 o’clock.

Anyone have any ideas?


That’s phase modulation. Try frequency modulation in an FM synth.


A super naive person must have made this thread lololol


can anyone reccommend a good plugin (with an AU version) where you can load a one shot sample and assign it to a scaled keyboard so that you can play it off like a synth?

I’m maybe bad at explaining this but I know for a fact this is possible. Also don’t tell me to get Ableton pls lol.


like this video of Mala but not to do this dumb shit lol

just cus I got certain one shots samples I’ve made and I just need em to stay in key and fit in easily


you just need to get into samplers

hope that sounds like an order btw :grin: and dont look back

**samplers are the gatling guns of keyboards **


havent found a convenient one yet

but actually this free synth I just downloaded called automat1 seems like you can load samples in place of the oscilators, so thats promising

that synth is sick btw, seems like massive level functionality almost, just not as user friendly or slick


i use NI’s Kontakt for that kind of stuff


that synth also has a “random” button that has given me some dope sounds actually! Automat1, I’d reccommend


macboi :nogunfinger: :badteeth:

envious - im still on ole 2001 tech


Tal Sampler works good for this, and it has a nice crunch to it as well if you want it.


What are these sounds from the intro of this track, is it granular? timestretching? What should i fuck around with to get that kind of thing going?


def granular stuff

the tiny little bits that seems to move is exactly what is refered to as grains

but its pretty clean here so they are consciously feeding the ‘grain’ effect with sounds they know contain a certain frequency that suits that part in the mix ( i assume - - - it might just be sounds from later in the track that they know mix well together)


is tal sampler good, i use the ableton one/simpler and when i put samples in they do that thing where higher notes get really fast and it’s always really obvious, does the tal one stretch them automatically (im guessing that’s not standard though and i just need to bother to timestretch, heard kontakt can do it)