How to sound like ? thread

If you want to know just ask.

It probably wont be a paint by numbers thing because that’s not how we learn the best, but it could turn into a discussion.

I’d prefer the thread to be a thing where we try to conceptualise things more than just other producers/composers/whatevers work.

Like how could I make the sound of a bee drowning ?

But that’s just imo.

how do i make my bass sound like skrillex


I think he just sampled that lion roaring from the mgm trailer logo thing?

Good to have that out of the way.

I swear I’ve actually heard that in a dubstep tune before.

Was it a purple tune?

mere sher?

That’s actually not the one. :cornlol:

lol fuck

I think it’s on Kapsize or early-ish Deep Medi, since that’s what I was listening to.

Anyway, I would just sample a drowning bee rather than try to sythesise it.

Missing the point by a galaxy or so but ok

Like seeing a car and then thinking hey wow this thing could really stay put :kissing_heart:

How to sound like this pls b0ss

to clarify though, i’m not joking. I need to know how to make this it is so tasty.

Be more specific

We can definitely work that one out though

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Extremely new to producing dubstep, like i have no idea what I’m even doing. But I really liked the sound from ( The sound in the intro) and would really like to know what kind of sound it would be.

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Do you mean the nintendo ‘bonus’ like sound ?

If it’s that one. It’s a pretty common sound and you can probably find one very similar in most vst synths. Look for ‘Arps’.

The bass is really awesome too.

Yeah, the sound itself is very basic, like a saw wave with maybe a lowpass filter.

You could either use an arpeggiator or program the arpeggio (one note of a chord at a time) manually.

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The drums and percussion are easy as pie to figure out, but the pluck and the arabic synth are killing me. I can’t even remake the midi file, this scale is so new to me but I love it.

ah ok. The first synth that does the stabs is kind of common too. It’s just a slightly detuned 80s sounding kind of plug sound. There’s a few presets on fx massive that will sound like this with a tiny bit of detune.

The scale is not ‘special’ btw it’s just in regular tuning.

J. Robinson - Office Dub

How would you go about getting that piano so rich and full of flavour?
FL Keys + effects or look for a sample that’s “close enough”?

(Sidenote) I am very new to this, do you people use FL Keys for piano or are there other good alternatives out there?

been trying to make a ‘kahn’ type rim/snare for bare time (u know the one - he uses it/or a derivative of it on pretty much everything)…been though millions of samples and tried loads of layering combinations but haven’t quite got it. I can get the rim element easy enough, but can’t quite get that beefy ‘crack’ to it…

any ideas appreciated :+1:

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post the best example