How to sound like ? thread


something like this one…


that’s big, kinda sounds like there’s some woodblock sound in there, it’s cool how he varies it up with some metallic noise sound every now and then and it reverbs differently q a bit


aaah ok yeah

there’s definitely a wood block sample which is usually more just a percussion instrument than part of a drum kit. much ‘rounder’ sounding almost tonal innit. .

I think you would have the best result if you found a recording of a wood block and then layer that with a snare with some punch (doesn’t have to have a lot of ‘snare’ character)

or maybe even buy one they aren’t too expensive tbh probably around two packs of cigs in the uk or something :wink:


lol didnt see yours rakeem



cheers, yeah will try a wood block type thing…definitely have loads of these type samples already.


one tip though

if there’s a spot in a snare you really like but cant really bring out (without changing the sound too much) it can be an idea to do a filter notch on the other sounds that occur in that ‘rather small frequency range’ or ‘sweet spot’ - as opposed to equing out bits.

because a notch (by being part of a filter), will have some definite musical and tonal capabilities - whereas a lot of eqs are more just sterile or clean sounding in comparison

so it becomes easier (sometimes) to balance the more tonal resonating kind of subtracting that a notch does with the quite abstract tonal capabilities a snare could have, than just having a tight q on an eq

wait this wasn’t a tip lol more like me learning english - hope it helps


lol thanks for the notch tip hubb, nice advice, I do usually go a bit mad with eq in a subtractive way so i’ll try the notch thing out


cool make sure to fuck around with the resonance so it ‘sings’ a bit …


I think it has a phaser or flanger. Possibly an LFOing notch.

I use Kontact.


nexus has some ok ‘wannabe proper’ piano sounds going - - - it sounds a bit new age clean but a lot better than most ‘pianos’


The high pitched laser sort of thing at 35? The closer the better, please no vagueness… I’ve been trying to get at this for a while and i’m on struggle street.


Do you use samplers at all or just synths ?

You need a sampler to get it to transform like that. it’s not a single high pitched sound but more like a multi layered bass that is pitched up via a sampler and pitchbended and stuff.

You could design a similar sound on something like fm8 if you really know what you are doing and can bring up a layer that just has a lot of weight but gets modulated at the same time as
the more ‘screechy’ layer.

It’s the sound of something bass weighty played in a really high register.


I was thinking that the main sound was a variant of 2 sine waves, pitched about 2 octaves apart, modulate the amp, sine shaper, low pass filter. Because earlier in the clip that’s almost what the laser sounds like at a lower pitch.


Even looking at the waveform, it looks like a sine.


This one’s basically what you described, but 4 octaves apart, and the scream filter in massive is what’s making this one nasty, although you could probably get an identical result with some distortion.
Cutoff on the scream filter at max, scream and resonance at 50%.
Sine shaper both knobs at 50%.
Slight bit of tele tube, about 30% on both knobs.
Used the slightest bit of chorus on this one, about 15/20% wet.
Added a small verb as an effect.
Modulated the depth of the vibrato with an envelope by the way.


Can you screenshots of yours? Because mine is sounding far from that…


FM8,Filtering,voxels,formants and distortion :smile:




Hi guys, some idea how to make this kind of wubwub ? I guess Massive but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks !


For the bee thing, I’d take a sawtooth with pitch LFOs, BP filter automation, and an appropriate HP roll off.
Play high notes.


but the difficult bit is drowning the bee !

but yeah lfo speed and some fx, probs lowpass +verb size automated to get that b ‘sucked’ into the abyss