How would you be able to use Ableton Live default plugins in FL Studio?

How would you be able to use Ableton Live default plugins in FL Studio?

I don’t think you can.

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You are going to have to find other VST’s to use in FL Studio.

what would be a good alternative for corpus?

That is a hard one. I don’t know off of the top of my head. That instrument is made by a third party, so that company may have a vst similar to that. I need to look up the name of the company.

Edit: I may thinking of another of the instruments. I’m not sure about Corpus.

the company is applied acoustics and they make tassman but i am not sure if that has corpus in it

you can always send applied acoustics an email and ask them directly, they’d probably know better than anyone :wink:

Yeah, Applied Acoustics. That’s them. Maybe this will get you further down your path.

ok thanks!

The closest you can get is running FL Studio inside Ableton Live as a ReWire slave. That will allow you to use FL’s features and plugins inside Live. The reverse won’t work as Live’s plugins are VST which don’t support that, but native FL plugins are not VST and will run. You can run Live inside FL as a slave but most core features will be disabled such as Live plugins and M4L.

You’ll have to set up MIDI and audio input/output routing which can be a pain sometimes. I think it would be far more practical to find an alternative to whatever Live plugins you’re wanting to use if you only want the plugins.