How's this bass made?

Not to sure where to post this!

I’v been trying to create this awesome bass, Does anyone know how its done or where i can search to make this sort of bass

Starts at @1:38 and on till 2:10

It’s that vocalish growl

same way every brostep bassline is made probably, massive.
doesn’t sound unique so i’d search youtube for “massive vst dubstep” / “brostep bass” + “tutorial”

So would you say its more brostep?

brostep isn’t a real genre man, it’s just what we call the shirtless raver dubstep with all these metallic basslines

(so yes that is brostep)

I see i see, So i can make them sort of vocalish/growls in massive or serum?

yeah man just youtube for some tutorials

I can hear Serum’s reverb there so… yea, some kind of FM

Yeah so do i, But completely unsure on how to get the reverb to do that