Hudson Mohawke 808's

Anyone got any links to some 808’s like the ones heard hear? If not maybe tips on distortion to get them too sound as tangy as the do?

I have a few 808 sample packs, 808 Warfare, Lex Lugars and a few others, but none contain pounding 808’s like these, Im running Logic btw

Cheers! :smile:

its all bout how u mix em… dun kno how to do it tho

It sounds to me like its bit crushed, but I just can’t nail it :confused:

Yeah, there’s no real concrete way to do that kind of stuff, but you’re on the right track with distortion. Try different methods of shaping the sound itself, automate compressors and stuff, bounce a copy, use it, etc…

Honestly, you’ve got an idea of how to do it, just go with it. Don’t worry about sounding like hudmo unless he’s hiring you to ghost for him…

Cheers for the reply, not trying to sound like him haha, using his sick 808’s for building my own, cheers like I said though :smile:

Yeah that’s what I’m saying, you know it’s distortion of some, so go forth and make yourself a banging bassdrum with your own approximative methods :wink:

He probs did just what ypu say and distorted and / or compressed a long 808.
I find that using small amounts on many different distortions can help u shape then sounds more delicately. But sometimes with this its just finding the right sort of distortion and eqing afterwards to remove any muddy or piercing freqs

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honestly tho it’s fairly easy to make a distorted 808 but the way to make it stick out in the mix as an all-encompassing monster bass is all about mixing the track. truss me daddy

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if anyone has any tips on how to do it tho I’m all ears lol :smiling_imp:

there’s the fundamental and then there’s the third and whatever those peaks that the bass consist of are called

you look at what they do on a freq meter - see how they behave and move, and then you pick those peaks and try to remove them accordingly on other bits in the mix by subtractive eqing

there’s also a nifty trick of having your whole bassline pitched up one whole octave and then let that play silently triggering a sidechain

this will sometimes work as ‘protecting’ the low mids because it means the key the sub would go in, is free to do so obviously one oct below, but it will still clean it up in a way that is in tune in terms of the upper freqs

it’s sort of the same school of thought as having another instrument play the notes an octave above it to fatten up the bass - or like when using autotune a lot, having a synth play the same notes under it to fatten it up (think danja)

if you’re talking about the 808’s that sound distorted just throw live’s overdrive effect on an 808, mess around with the settings and voila.