I don't know what is going wrong

Hey! Hello, I’m new in this fantastic forum, and I would like to hear your opinion. I made this demo considering many things, just like Virtual Riot says in his tutorials, but I think that there is something wrong, because it doesn’t sound like I want. Can you tell me what is wrong?
Here is it:
I’m frustrated because years ago, when I didn’t know anything about production (Eq, compress, sidechain, etc.) my tracks had a better sound, totally no sense.
Cheers :smiley:

“Doesn’t sound like I want” ?
Personally I think it sounds great, where’s the full track?
Might be missing some depth with i.e some saw pad stabs or smh like that, some proper arrangement but that’s it imo.

mix is good, it just lacks emotion and is rather boring.

Feels like it’s missing some low mids - like the whole mix has an EQ curve set to bump the subs and mid-high/high end, but down in the 100-200hzish range it’s a little lacking. Otherwise pretty decent overall mixwise.

This is well done but a bit boring like Chris said.
I think you might want to play a bit more with silences, the background noise that is playing all your drop long is flattening the song overall, stop it sometimes it will make the song more punchy I think. Maybe you should break the rythm and bring something we don’t expect, it would make it more interesting.

Sorry about the english level i’m not used to talk about specific things :smiley:

You are going to have to do something quite special to get noticed making this flavor of dubstep. There is just so much of it out there. It is technically well done, but that isnt what makes the hunnies cream their shorts on the dance floor. Break those genre conventions.

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I dunno frags…I bet the hunnies would cream their shorts for that.

It sounds like you want it to be something different but maybe you don’t know what that is exactly? The best thing to do when you want something to sound like something is to find a pro track and A/B it with your track. If something is missing, add it. If you want the phrasing…copy it. The hardest part of learning production is just figuring out what your track doesn’t have…once you figure it out, it is easy to add it.

My opinion is that it sounds just fine on the technical level but it is not exciting to listen to because it sounds like a VR tutorial on how to compose a drop. It lacks any element of your own personal style and is very generic.

So this doesn’t make it wrong per say. It’s wrong if you are trying to sound original and plan on sending that to a label. It is perfect though if you are just trying to learn drop composition. The best way to learn production is to reproduce things and honestly, using presets makes it easier because sound design can be a big snag.

Just keep in mind that if you use anything VR puts out…samples, presets, and even tutorials…50,000 other people are using them too so you are doomed to sound generic if you don’t deviate from them.

That is true. The hunnies cream their pants over shit trap beats these days lol. What a great time to be too old to pick up chicks at a party/rave/club. I’ll just be the old dude at the back drinking a bourbon and nodding his head…

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@Pokus Thank you! The full track is on my computer hahaha
@Chris_Newey Yes, it’s true!

@ronzlo_ I know… I always have problems with low-mids. What can I add to solve this issue? Thanks
@Onche_Robert I’ll do! I think that making silences and pauses is a great idea! Thanks! And about your english… I’m spanish, so I have the same problem xD

@fragments Actually I’m making the kind of music that I love, but yes, it isn’t special… Thanks!
@Volt_Punk A/B is to compare my track with another? I’ll do! About the originality, I would love make my own sounds, but I’m 17 and I haven’t studied anything about sound design, and I try but I don’t like at all what I get. Can you give me some help in this aspect? Here is something more ‘special’: Hybrid trap But I need to mix it better.

Thank you all for the replies :grin:
I love this forum,:ok_hand:

Haha we’re in the same struggle ! Don’t forget to post

Don’t forget to post what you changed, i’m interested *
sorry I can’t edit, my computer is fucked up :smiley:

Hahaha okay dude, thank you!
Good luck with your computer :fist::muscle:

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Without trying to sound like I’m advocating that everyone go out and buy some outboard gear…but once I started working with hardware something about my mixes just worked better.

I’m entirely self-taught, no expert, but I have this feeling that when one gets something out of the box and create noise floor and harmonic distortion (a natural result of audio running through cables and devices) however subtle really glues everything together.

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^ There is much wisdom in what you say, sensei.

It’s true. I dunno if it’s the whole negative vs. positive gain floor or what, but OOTB (out of the box) should be required learning for all producers. Once you grasp it there then you can go back inside the box with a new, better understanding of it all.

It has been an experience and I do feel like dealing with MIDI and audio routing OOTB has been a huge learning experience that has carried over to DAW usage.

I will say one big thing I learned was to cut back on FX. I used to do all kinds of crazy EQ, filtering, drench things in modulation FX. Now I am super conservative with that stuff.

I think the thing is using hardware is you try to make shit sound good with what is in front of you. And you can’t keep opening a new instance of your Mopho Keyboard (or w/e).

Keep it simple stupid.

I’ve been testing A/B for 20 minutes and this is what I got. I don’t know if it sounds better than before or worse.
@Onche_Robert @Volt_Punk

It does, but still sounds a bit empty imo ! You should add less important sounds to make it all alive