I made something but it feels empty

So I was streaming today and some guy comes along and says “Can you make dubstep?” and i thought “Hell might as well i’ve been making growls and getting plenty of drum packs for a reason” so i made something that I thought would be good to build off of and i did but now it sounds good (kind of, not really) but it feels empty for some reason. Can somebody tell me why it feels that way?

thanks for any help or replies I can get :slight_smile:

First off, I like the sounds you chose. I’m not a big fan of the speed, I would go down to 140-150bpm or slow the drum pace aka: kick ride snare. As far as the “empty feeling”, it does feel that way because I hear no background noise except the dub sounds, add a subtle pad/ambience or arpeggio . Also, your kick is buried in there and can’t be heard, boost it then sidechain all those sounds to the kick to get the “pumpy” sound so when you kick comes in all the other sounds will duck. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips! I did everything you suggest and here’s the outcome https://clyp.it/0vei5ui5
It sounds much better in my opinion.

Your sound is pretty sick man. Like bummer said some ambient pads or reverbed stabs would work wonder. or ad simple risers