I missed this place

it’s true.

like my purple hoodie?

Still producing, but also programming lemur interfaces, max devices, monome toys, and making a (half-ass) living as a freelance sound designer. i’m the dick responsible for all those hyper-compressed (-2RMS) movie trailer impact hits with super-wide stereo fields that are practically a necessity these days.

sorry bout that.

been making some analog shit from scratch. mostly just contact mics and patch cables now. I live in Buenos Aires until i run outta money. missed you nerds. /brazos


You taking interns atm?

A professional brickwaller, ay? Noice.

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Interns?! first of all don’t work for free. don’t encourage those fools who pull that shit to take advantage of something you’re passionate about just to emotionally rape you when it’s time to throw someone to the wolves.

second of all - the vast majority of money i’ve made has been whilst unshaven, and in pajamas. I don’t have the money to pay an intern to order pizzas and torrent cartoons for me. sorry man.

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but if THIS is loud, then it’ll be louder than all that other loud, right?! ahahahaha. truth.

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for the record, that was pure self-deprecation—not trying to be a prick there! what I meant was, i don’t have any money to pay an intern, and i don’t even really know what i’d have someone do! Always happy to give advice, but i kinda fell into it, and even then, it’s not a full living yet.

advice-wise, focus on sound design, and study movie trailers constantly. I despise movie trailers… but i’m always watching 'em.

don’t get with some music library making sound-alikes if you can help it. I’m really lucky that the supervisors i work with expect me to get weird with my sound design, and dont want me to hold back.

also do work on-spec (free unless a client likes it, in which case you’re paid well) all the time, if even just to keep up relationships. I’ve remixed some goofy pop into goofier edm for the sake of making a deadline for a job entirely on-spec, and not seeing any money, all maintain a dialogue with a supervision company for those times when they send me work with a kill fee. long term dollar vs short term buck, etc.

anyway, meant to be encouraging, not a dick :smile:

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