I need a few ears here! in my new EP

What’s up guys
my name is Derick, … or Red
Anyway, I finished my EP recently, and I need some fresh ears … and I need people who can help me on my journey. OK?

With your feedback, I hope to improve my tracks and my work … and be able to bring more tracks …

(I promise that I will understand all of you … and thank you for the attention of the community)

I do not come to advertise my EP, I just need feedback, thanks
I count on the support of all… :smiley:

You know the sample the guy is saying bumbaclot right?

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Red is that you man?

The bumboclot vocal sample gets annoying.

Yes, I know that. not nearly everything is good, but I try my best. thanks

No, I’m not this red, sorry. hahaha :]


but I cut a little … and reduced the pitch and some other effects.