"I wear my own garms, man see me on road and want arms " - Favourite Grime Vocals

(swear down aim high vol 1 is the worst mixed tape, volume swings between inaudible and function 1)


The name confused me for a sec

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the name is probably too long haha

wanted to put that d double euuu euuuu but had no idea how to effectively type it

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Thought this was gonna be favourite lines - in which case ‘I got a ting in my trousers, it ain’t my willllyyyy’ lol

Tracks tho

So gassed I’ve got this one

:shower: :bomb: :shower:

i fucking love trim, god that one + fire hydrant
’live in barley mow english but a yardie flow’ yeeeee
’i’ll cave his face with a lucazade tin’
‘it’s either an open relationship ,…or she’s cheating’ - might be favourite line in grime
oh please post quotes too

best vocal of this. pure hype

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this one still.

“I ain’t letting no gal wear my rolex so you better hope that williams 'ere”


Badman you’re just a willy in ere

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"You don’t wanna see me when its midnight I’ll flick my flick knife shank him six timesss"
No matter how many times I hear that line, I wanna kill someone, gets me so gassed.

I don;t know how to add a youtube video in the comment on new DSF, sorry

Just paste the url in

Also that line is just so :fire:

anyone know where can i get this?
a mixed version is on some uk takeover album which i vaguely remember that but can’t seem to find anything on google

usually i google questions like that with grime forum and stuff comes up, i checked and apparently it was on a leaked version of in at the deep end called rollin deeper, so if you find that you got it i guess, i think that big ground zero vox is on there too so let me know if you find it

i don’t think ruff sqwad are the best on the mic but combined with their beats it always does it for me

and this beat and the bars in it get me gassed ‘in grime you can call me the golden boy, promise there ain’t no holdin boy’ ‘eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasy man’ ‘doown dooown dowwn’
‘booopp booop boop’

soon as that intro comes on i just wanna wack on a ski mask and run round east london with a lead pipe

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thanks. yeah grimeforum popped up in the searches but it kept redirecting me to some malware site.

yeah it’s fucked, every time i go on there my malware ting goes a bit mad

i usually get through though, assumed it was something to do with their new system where you need an account to click links, might run a scan tho…

The way wiley catches the beat in round 2 :fire:

this one gets me gassed


this is a wicked beat as well, by silkie!

actually first bit of the hook is so good then the chick is we heard your tracks and your style sounds swaggish and it kinda fucks up the flow lol

ive got that unorthodox tune on wax, i rate it