Id request- benga?

13.45, sounds v benga, a lot like the blues but it’s not that

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there was no way that wasn’t gonna be benga

you’ve made me cry because you should have known it! :’( :corncry:


i don’t think ive ever listened to that ep

really been catching up on benga in the last few months, had heard a lot of stuff from him i didn’t like so didn’t bother to dig much further

Invasion was on the FACT top 40 dubstep singles of all time

it’s really just Evolution and Middle Man that are the gems on that one imo.

k guys its ok i did listen to the whole ep this afternoon after syrup came thru with the id

it was ok

live drums was my favourite though, got that lovely benga kick snare skip


yeah but

the run-in on my copy of Dual is well worn.

Oh but wait it gets better

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Tbh I find almost every tune on this release works great in the mix and for that reason (among others) is essential

I’d never heard that before, but it’s a work of genius.

Weird, I actually have a copy of DOAAW. Serves me right for torrenting it though.

Edit, I remember it now, the bit with the sax ended and it’s the techy wub bit which I’m not so keen on. Always felt like a less good arrangement of Zero M2.

b4 the dual never left my bag when I first started playing gigs, always used that one as a 'get out of jail free card" when I was having a bit of trouble on the decks

Vancouver though :cornlol:


not sure if you meant to reply to me on this haha

referencing popular “get out of jail free”-cards.

So I take it you’ve not listened to his 2008 essential mix or diary of an afro warrior?

when i’m just mixing at home and get in a bit of a tricky corner (usually pev tunes) and need to mix out usually go for the headhunter/tempa/youngsta tunes