ID this track please

Someone is able to ID this please ?

Won’t play…upload it on this or something

Cool ty !

Thanks so mych my friend very nice of you !! :wink:

So the artist is 16 bit right ? His soundcloud is dead for 5 years ago then ?

It’s his facebook.

He deactivate facebook.

he don’t use the name anymore, or stop making music… I guess… ?

Yeah 16 bit was two guys, they stopped making music under that name a long time ago

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First post since the domain change!!!
Hello again everyone! :slight_smile:
I’m wondering what the tunes at 29 and 33 mins are…

Thanks in advance!

Slinnage 2016 China Tour Mix

This is the one at 33 mins…

This is the one at 29 mins too :slight_smile: