"IDM" Favorite Album?

Just got a new Skam cassette called Slashing Cousin. Anyhow, this IDM biz is what got me into the whole music game in the early 90’s. For those in the know or that care a bit, what’s your favorite album? Autechre-Tri Repetae probably is my most rinsed as they say, but that’s kind of an obvious choice I know, or Amber.

If you’re already in the know why do u care what we think

Btw idk shit about music

Or so I thought I did

Well, I’m definitely not “all-knowing” man. I’m sure someone would mention an album or artist I’ve never heard of. But just mainly for nostalgia and discussion/similar tastes I suppose, regardless of what I know.

I know one of the pokeraps by heart

Chameleon wartortle mewtwo tentacruel aerodactyl olmanyte slowpoke something something that’s all folks

Gotta coach em all gotta catch em all

depending on what you mean by idm
but i’d go with:
alec empire - hypermodern jazz 2000.5
polygon window - surfing on sine waves
autechre - incunabula
mokira - cliphop
autechre - confield
b12 - electro-soma
speedy j - ginger
arovane - atol scrap
arovane - icol diston
dynamo - ausen vor
kangding ray - or
aoki takamasa - rv8
ryoji ikeda - supercodex
ryoji ikeda - dataplex
mark fell - multistability
mark fell - sentielle objectif actualité
gabor lazar & mark fell - the neurobiology of moral decision making
christoph de babalon - if you’re into it, i’m out of it
errorsmith - errorsmith #2
mika vainio - oleva
pole - steingarten

Bogdan raczynski - i will eat your children too
-: - - samurai math beats

(any Bogdan tbh)

Squarepusher - go plastic

aphex’ the tuss bits

gasmans first on mu (cant recall the name)

subjex (same ^ and on mu)

Hm… In no particular order:

Luke Vibert - Lover’s Acid

Amon Tobin - Bricolage

Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird Things

Aphex Twin - Caustic Window LP

Wisp - In a Blue Face (link to his free albums, mp3)


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Autechre’s first, Telefon Tel Aviv’s first, Squarepusher’s ‘Big Loada’, Richard D. James LP.

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I want to hang out and listen to this

two of the tracks are so good its not wordable
and Bogdan Raczynskis stuff is basicly an extension of this aphex record …
and then you could say it’s like ceephax on the other end,where it sounds like snes sounds made into rave.

sort of umbrellas under the term braindance when looking it up

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Just realised i generally don’t like IDM.
I think you need to of been born before 1980 to fully appreciate how mind blowing it must of sounded in the 90’s.
I do like and have a lot of IDM stuff but none of it i really really like, some of it is ok but just nah.
It’s a very white genre isn’t it. More of a producers genre.
I think RDJ was just doing his thing but everything else seems to be an off shoot of what he was doing.

Generalising i know but still.
Go Plastic is probably my favourite IDM album because it is so fun to listen to but more so from a producers perspective imo

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no thats too strict

think bjørk or any diva like electronics stuff - - like fka twigs nowadays

that sort of comes out of this scene too

moby even

idm predates electronica and the term electronica has ended up being sort of equated with north american and scandinavian alternative dance with vocals

but essentially electronica is the same as idm - its just the more sellable late 90s stuff mainstream musis took in

madonna for example


But i thought the “intelligent” part was the complexity that IDM sometimes has.
That it is also not really club music.
Sorry but if you are coming out with Moby (who i love) then you are way off

Also Bjork, FKA twigs are not IDM

It’s exactly what it is. Look to the people producing bjørks stuff and you’ll see idm producers. Then after that you could say that fka twigs is club music ofcourse, but everythings shes done could lie in a corner that bjørk previously occupied.

You are conflating what electronica is. Idm just means good electronica. And electronica just means mainstream idm.

Its the same sort of confusion made by journo-ing that lead to the distinction between tech step and neuro funk (the pre noisia kind) - - or even jungle and dnb - - or rap or hiphop

Idm is a useful term whereas electronica is what a mum reading a newspaper would call idm.
Because and that is important - - all the idm producers that make stuff that could be viewed as home listening electroinca -would want you to rave to it in the dance - from boards of canada all the way to fsol.

The olders guys (aphex, plaid,square) were probably into club music in the form of electro and such as much as being into stockhausen or older experimentalists. And that split is also present in kraftwerk when you think about it. It’s half clubmusic in the form of (pre) electro and then tech experimentation continuing the experimentalists efforts

Ok maybe i should of said the old IDM sound.
Like if Southpark did a parody then you know exactly what is would sound like.
It just occured to me after seeing all the artist names in this thread.
I’ve got quite a few albums and compilations by RDJ, Squarpusher, Autechre, Luke Vibert, 2 of those artificial intelligence comps and i tried to get into it years ago but just couldn’t.
That old IDM stuff just doesn’t excite me.

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totally fair

it is a lot about carving out territory so some of it just falls short when others now can sound the same with less effort

but the melodic component and the idea of scales and such, the strict work ethic and such was great addition to ‘mainstream’ dance music.