Ij - Made You Look [dub influenced but more in a hip hop vein]

Yooo, good DSF peeps, please check my track. I was going for a more minimal approach and maximum effect.
Hope some of you guys will like this jam.

listen here :wink:

Enjoyed that, like the floaty synths and horn stabs. Felt the drums were a little quiet in the mix though.

yeah i agree, great sounds and cool tune but the percussion needs to come through more, it’s usually more prominent in hip hop

Thank you, I am sure you are right, it seemed okay for me and thought this is gonna be the max bang I’m going for. I’ll try and max it out next time I’m working in a similar context, that’s for sure!

Thanks, yeah, they might be a tad bit quiet but I didn’t want them through the roof either, so I think I went by my gut feelings and this is where I stopped.