I'm just not sure what to do with my sounds/material


I have an endless amount of these sounds that I’ve made. But they sound
best when together but, I just don’t know how to use them or what genre
Im going for or what kind of drums or even if to use drums. I’ve been
very reluctant to put myself online and seek help but Ive just
accumulated so many of these sounds that I thought maybe someone out in
the similar field might see where im going with it?

Where do you
see these sounds? What kind of music is this going toward? I just don’t
know what Im trying to do and im so deep into it that I feel kinda lost



Tbh man you just kinda gotta go for it. Make something you like. That loop is pretty good imo. And there’s a billion ways you could go with it. You could add a simple hip hop beat under it and it would be pretty smooth. You could leave it as is. You could add some more ambient sounds and eerie percussion hits. You could do a lot.

Just do you and go for something. even if everyone thinks it sucks.


if you have some sort of musical goal you’ll need to decide what direction you’re going in. As an outside ear, I hear some great sound design going on but pretty much a blank canvas when it comes to actual music.
The ‘xprmnt’ bit reminded me of Loops Haunt, nice textures but it’s not exactly music yet. The ‘sect016’ one is a bit more musical cos it has a rhythmic element but you should build on it.

Sound design is definitely one direction you should take, but also minimalist composition might be an something to look into. Check out some old stuff like Iannis Xenakis maybe


First thing:

Make sure we can download these. :corndance: What’re you making these in?

Second thing:

Don’t make genre. Make music instead. It’s much more satisfying (sounds jokey but dead serious.) Trying to “make” a genre tune ultimately leads to reduction of possibility. Instead, take the sounds you like from any genres and play around.

Third thing:

What kind of music do you like? Don’t worry about what style the sounds suggest - make bluegrass with these or something. But if I had to call it, could be anything from glitch hop to IDM to techstep to Madshit™. Maybe it’s not even music you’re trying to make. Maybe you’re doing Sound Art or game audio design or… :thinking:?

Now seriously, give us DL links. :dubsteprave:

PS: I’m curious about your SC… you have followers (@cyclopian) but follow nobody, and someone thanked you for something 5 years ago… sorry, my shill-dar is hypersensitive.



Maybe do sample packs?


I make all my sounds from scratch in Ableton, NI Komplete 9 Ultimate, Fabfilters Complete Bundle, Camel Audio’s (now logic’s) Alchemy, Xfer Serum, SugarBytes Wow/Wow2 and Vogue. All which I own along with some of Ableton’s extra M4L plugins.

The first was made from scratch (starting with FM8) and the second one was made entirely with a snare from Tekvision’s sample pack. I don’t really know how to explain my workflow but basically I try and do things as unconventionally as possible as that’s what I enjoy.

Ive enabled download on the samples


Big up for the DL.

Maybe you should “sponsor” one of our samplepack contests


Shill: An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

My intention in posting it across multiple forums is the same as posting in one and in this thread it’s pretty clear I’m seeking out answers to guide the direction I’m taking in my music. While expressing my reluctance to share my sounds/music, in response to _ronzlo’s request I do exactly that to show my appreciation for those who reach out to me.

I’m willing to share your viewpoint but I think your missing the big picture. I acknowledge that you might feel this way but the reality is forums are not a religious cult where one can’t join the other, and ultimately the internet is one big forum so why not reach to other branches of the same tree to others that may not see it? Forums are to be used and some forums respond more than others and since you saw it one another forum it probably isn’t a big stretch to understand this considering your probably a part of that forum too :wink:


im more surprised by the fact that DOA is still alive


Dsf is a cult. We believe in one tru hed. One day the wubs shall set us free


its actually fully back with OG producers chiming in and stuff

like john b, fresh or even teebee


This: plus, life works in both directions on these axes. Energy/entropy, growth/decay. Reflecting this in our music only adds depth.


sounds alright. you should work on your songwriting skills and make dope tracks


Yea practice it song writing.
Trust me some are quicker than others but it takes practice and dedication but it’s worth it in the end when I can make full tracks ur proud of.

If that doesn’t work out maybe just put all ur sounds on a pen drive and stick it up ur butt