I'm new here. Dark Sci-Fi Scary? DnB tune. Looking for some feedback!

Hi, I’m new here.

I love electronic music and have kind of been obsessed with Drum and Bass in particular since I heard Noisia and Phace a couple years ago. I know this is a Dubstep forum, but I feel that there are a lot of parallels between the genres, and after poking around I feel you guys have a good vibe and ultimately I just need as much feedback as I can get:


This tune along with a few others has been sitting around on my harddrive for a few months. I want it to be finished. Ultimately I’d like to release this kind of stuff on a label… With that in mind is there any advice/thoughts/feedback that you folks can give? Does this thing sound finished?

I always get to this point if I have a track sitting around long enough - and at first I’m stoked about it, but I grow to hate it… and it starts to sound worse and worse compared to newer stuff that I make. Does anyone have any advice as far as that goes? Is it healthier to just move on to new music or go back and edit?

Thank you all for taking the time to listen or even click on the thread :slight_smile: peace

I’m very new to making tunes of my own so I’m probably not the best person to give feed back but whatever. The whole rhythm and structure just seems very confusing to me. Very hard to follow in my opinion. Some elements I guess seem very offbeat and that’s why it’s confusing.

Jojodog12, first off, thanks for the feedback! The main riff is based on a dotted rhythm - I’m guessing that’s what makes the rhythm seem weird, maybe it’s a combination of that and the tempo. It is just in 4/4 at 176BPM and the snare is almost 100% on 2 and 4. It doesn’t seem that weird to me, but I lost my objectivity to this track long ago hehehe. Hrmmm, I’ve gotten this kind of feedback on this track before so maybe you guys are onto something :wink: Sound design/mix wise does it seem ok to your ears though?

It seems pretty good to my ears.