Imajika - Kreuzberg/Oakwood + Versions

Hello friends, family, aliens and insects. I am back (temporarily)
Had a couple people ask me about these tunes for a while and with bandcamp waiving their fees once more this coming Friday (04/09/2020) I decided to let you all have them.
These are a little bit different from what I usually make and as our world changes we grow and develop as individuals. You can expect to hear a lot more of these sounds in the future. Things couldn’t be stranger for me right now so im staying on here until I release this on Friday and after that my social media down time will continue
I hope you all enjoy these while I take a much needed break, Thank you once again for your on going love and support.


cool tunes

basic channel would probs be triggered by the misspelling of kreuzberg tho :lebebe:


hey man i was deliberating over which was the spelling for a while not the end of the world can still be updated when ive googled its shown me a few different spellings

Im gay

it was never ‘kruez’ its always been kreuz it was the spelling of berg that was wrong

oh god sorry i know where you mean thought you where on about the soundcloud link i not the thread title

lol sorry thot the tune was named like that gonna edit my post