Improving on the old DSF

starting to miss the spammers
at least they brought a new perspective
I know, give it time
but should we collectively be making an effort to garner new contributors
and how?
Ok, Dubway & mods are open to being less about dubstep & more about emerging electronica
which is fair enough
but how do you attract nascent producers & fans to this site?

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We’ve had a chat about this in the moderators chat and have a few ideas, we’d love to hear any ideas from you guys though.

were people still signing up for dubstepforum before registration was closed?

spammer accounts were straight deleted so that should be pretty accurate.

in other words, yes, but look at the last 100 legit accounts - highest post count from any of them is like 14

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is there provision in the system to display the time of a post as well as the date?
I would appreciate being able to see this info.
Also, I just realized there’s no counter for numbers of posts…I suppose this is a good thing because there’s not the motivation for making posts to up the numbers.

if you hover over the post date it shows the time

ah, ta figs

love the new site btw.

if you’re trying to attract new people, you probably mean things like marketing & promotions, right?
if so, i suggest doing things to increase awareness like:

sponsoring nights, doing your own nights
merch, t-shirts, hoodies (they still legal?)
google ads
partner with music schools
make documentaries
put out records

getting too commercial might mess up the vibe though

We are actually joining up to do nights past our first birthday. Might help!

Also allowing emails rather than just social media sign up should help, @4ndY is working on that.

I’ve no clue if there is any budget for the rest tho as that’s dubways ting

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A dsf night would be banter, should include a plug dj set imo